a back alley Love Story

a back alley Love Story

This week I am in Hanoi for work and as it’s been a long time I didn’t go, I took my camera with me … and I was right !

After a long day, I decided to take a walk in the old town, pretty classic you would say to me for a tourist! But I was in a really good mood for photography and it was a pleasure to walk and to look and (re)discover the little details of the crazy/busy Hanoi… from shops that sell whatever you can imagine (and really specialized), to an unexpected train crossing housing area (that i passed on the rail train 3minutes before the train pass … lucky me), or even the touristy area where EVERY tourist are talking pictures/selfie in front of monument…

But what fascinates me the most are the back alleys (as you can guess in the title of this post): it shows you the real way that people are really living and after more than 5 years in Asia, these are definitely areas that are the most inspiring for me …

Here a little sample of what I enjoyed tonight!



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